We promise you that we will do everything we can to

Sens jersey launch features retro look and salute to Belleville

The big has a home.

The Belleville Senators unveiled their new uniforms Saturday at Quinte Mall, with the team logo introduced two weeks ago featured on the front of a bold, throwback style jersey design.

B Sens revealed their home and away jerseys in front of a crowd of more than 300 at Kindness Court. The black jersey includes two wide stripes across the middle of the jersey red on top of white; while the white sweater features a red and black stripe combo.

While the big logo has found a home, so too has a distinctive circular shoulder patch that includes a sailboat and images of City Hall and the water tower with the words: season Belleville Senators, 2018.

“I like the classic look, said Taylor. the shoulder patch too, with the sailboat and a scene of the city.

B Sens chief operating officer, Rob Mullowney, said the jersey launch was the latest step toward cementing the fledgling relationship between the team and its new city, after 15 years in Binghamton, NY. Belleville lost the OHL Bulls in 2015 after 34 years at Yardmen Arena, and Mullowney said the B Sens are determined to fill that void.

“I been in a city that has lost a team, said the Newfoundland native. all about pride. We promise you that we will do everything we can to earn and restore that pride. This is your team. We will make you proud of this team.

“Yes, we didn like each other very much, he said. I happy to be here now. I be in Belleville a lot to help coach, offer video assistance, one on one coaching just mainly trying to help our guys get to the next level.

“The best part of my job is when our guys have success. Hopefully, I be helping them some day help the Ottawa Senators win a Stanley Cup and Belleville will play a big part in that.

“We had a great situation in Binghamton, said Lee. us to leave, it had to be a great situation here too. It demonstrates our commitment to the region. This is a great hockey community ## ## . We entrusting Belleville with our greatest asset our developing players.

“We believe this is a great place for them to be. A former Los Angeles Kings NHL draft pick (seventh round in 2004), Taylor spent the last two seasons in the KHL; he played in the OHL in Guelph and Kingston from 2003 06.

“Signing with the Sens was a great fit for me, said Taylor. have a wife and kids based in Kingston, so this is a good opportunity for me at both ends.

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